General sales terms and conditions


1. Scope

These general sales terms and conditions apply to all sales concluded on the Internet site, except for particular terms indicated in the presentation of the products.

These conditions may be amended or substituted at any time without prior notice by the administrator of the site.

2. Description of the articles

The Internet site offers for sale intellectual works in physical formats (particularly printed books) but also in digital format (ebooks, audio books,etc...).

Digital books (ebooks or e-books) sold on are digital files containing intellectual works to be downloaded for reading on electronic terminals.

Printed and digital books are protected by French and international copyright laws.In absence of a license indicating other usage conditions, the downloaded files are for the exclusive use of the buyer. They may not be resold, rented, or transmitted for free other than within his family circle or for the legitimate needs for his private use; any representation or reproduction of these files, either as a whole or in part, other than the situations provided for by article L122-5 of the intellectual ownership code, is strictly forbidden and may make you liable to prosecution.

In order to protect the rights of the authors without restricting the use of the downloaded files by who has acquired them legitimately, all articles purchased on this side are customized with data provided by the customer (surname, first name, electronic address), by means of a digital mark placed dynamically on each page or inside the digital file.

3. Orders

All orders are made exclusively via the Internet site. Payment is made on ordering.

The customer must be of legal age or hold a parental authorization to make an order on

Clicking on the "Pay" button on the screen summarizing the order and the explicit acceptance of these General Sales Terms and Conditions by a dialogue box, constitute an electronic signature certifying expressly the customer's consent without any reservation of these General Sales Terms and Conditions and of the particular conditions (the unit price in particular) corresponding to each file purchased. The customer waives to take advantage of any contradictory document, including his own general purchase terms and conditions.

The customer may cancel his order until payment validation of his order has been made.

For security reasons, each shopping cart is limited to a maximum amount of 100.00€ all taxes included, and the number of orders per customer is limited to 3 every 7 days. These limits may be modified by simple user request.

All orders with a fraud risk profile may be blocked by the administrator at the payment stage.

4. Item availability

Normally all items are accessible to customers 24/7 all year. The administrator of this site however reserves the right of restricting access without prior notice.

He shall not be held responsible for technical problems beyond his service, such as connection problems due to Internet Service Providers or computer problems due to any hardware or software belonging to the customer.

5. Pricing

Product prices are net in euros, tax included but shipping excluded for all printed works. All orders are billed in euros and payable in euros a the time of ordering.

Due to the impossibility of verifying the customer’s address in case of orders for digital works, French 20% VAT is applied to all digital works; 5.5% VAT is applied to all printed works.

Printed books are sold in accordance with applicable regulations and particularly the Lang Law on unique book prices determined by the publisher, shipping costs excluded. The recipient shall be responsible for any customs fees or local taxes applicable to deliveries outside Metropolitan France.

6. Shipping costs

Shipping costs include handling, packing and postage. They are all-inclusive and made up by a fixed and a variable part depending on the number of items ordered and their weight. Only the geographic area and the shipping method chosen by the customer can make the amount vary.

7. Payment

Prices are payable in total and in a single instalment at the time of ordering.

Payment for purchases is made via the Paybox system. The banking transaction is made at the moment of ordering.

From the moment the payment method chosen by the buyer is validated, the order is confirmed and cannot be cancelled nor refunded.

8. Delivery

Whatever the destination country, the delivery of printed works is always done at the address indicated at the moment of purchasing. Delivery times include time necessary for packing purposes and carrier handling time.

Delivery of digital works purchased on this side is made via download. A few minutes after payment of the order, an email is sent to the customer with one or more download links for once-only use, allowing him/her to download the works on his/her computer. These download links have a life span of 48 hours. After this time, if the customer has not downloaded the file yet, he/she may ask to receive a new link from his/her personal space.

9. Guarantee, return and refund

Product guarantee

New items offered on this site are guaranteed against any defects. However, should one of them be defective or non-conforming, you may return the product in its original cellophane wrapping or by email in case of a digital product within 15 days. After receiving the defective item, a new item will be shipped to you in case of a printed work or offered for download in case of a digital work.

Right of cancellation

For all material works (printed books) you benefit from a right of return. For whatever reason, you may return an item within 15 days after receiving your package, but it must have its original cellophane wrapping.

Purchase of digital formats are firm and final. They cannot be exchanged, reimbursed nor are they subject to any right of cancellation.

Return procedure

To return an item, please contact us.

10. Privacy protection

All information required from the client is necessary to process orders or to improve the services offered on the site. This information and data are kept for security reasons in order to respect such obligations as imposed by laws and regulations.

Personal data are processed according to the computing law of 6 January 1978 regarding files and freedoms. Any person registered on this site has the right to access and correct his/her personal data. In order to do this, you may access your personal space, or contact us.

Moreover, all visitors to the site are advised that "cookies" record certain information that is saved on their hard disk for statistical or product customization purposes according to previous visits. A warning message may ask the visitor if he wishes to accept "cookies", which of course he may refuse. It is also possible to configure your browser at any moment to accept or refuse "cookies" from this site.

These "cookies" do not contain any confidential information about the visitor and their only purpose is to improve the customized service he/she is offered.

11. Responsibility declines any responsibility in case of breach of contract due to force majeure (strike, flood, fire...). shall not be held responsible for the contents of any of the sites where its products are referred to.

All products offered comply with the French laws in force. The responsibility of shall not be invoked in case of non-compliance with the laws of the country where the product is shipped to or downloaded. It is the responsibility of the buyer to verify the usage possibility of the products ordered with the local competent authorities.

13. Applicable Law

These general sales terms and conditions are subject to French Law. Any litigation shall be brought before the competent courts of the geographic area corresponding to the headquarters of the administrator of this website.