Downloading digital works

This site allows the access to printed books and to digital books (ebooks) available for download after purchase.

What is a download?

A download consists in transmitting and reproducing a digital file representing the work purchased on backup media (hard disk, USB pen-drive, etc...) belonging to the customer.

How to read your ebook

The files to be downloaded are offered in one or several formats (PDF, ePub, Mobipocket,...) and each of these format has specific navigation features (hypertexts, zooming, text searching, personal notes,...). They are readable by different terminal types (portable computers, PDAs, smartphones, electronic drives,...) either natively or after installation of a format-specific application (for example Acrobat Reader for the PDF format or MobiReader for the Mobipocket format ).

Ebook availability

Normally all articles are accessible to customers 24/7 all year. The administrator of this site however reserves the right of restricting access without prior notice.

He shall not be held responsible for technical problems beyond his service, such as connection problems due to Internet Service Providers or computer problems due to any hardware or software belonging to the customer.

How to download your ebook

few minutes after payment of the order, an email is sent to the customer with an URL to be used only for downloading. This URL has a limited life span of only 2 days. After this, or if the first download has not worked, the customer may request a new URL connecting to the site, and clicking on the My account section and on the Works tab,which lists all books purchased on the site. For every title acquired, a click on "Download" generates a new email message with the new download link.

Some important notes:

  • Certain email clients such as Outlook have a tendency of truncating Internet links included in emails. In this case, please copy and paste the complete URL directly into your browser's address bar.
  • Before launching the download, please make sure that you have Adobe Reader to load and read the file, and that the software is working correctly on the terminal.
  • Downloading time varies depending on the size of the file (indicated at the moment of downloading) and the speed of your Internet access.
  • It is preferable to save the file directly on the hard disk when downloading and to open it afterwards (Internet browsers can be configured to offer the choice; it is also possible to do so by clicking the right mouse button and choosing "Save download link as..."). If the file opens directly within the Internet browser, it is advisable to start saving it on a safe location on your hard disk.

Certain books may be offered for free. To download them, simply log in and follow the normal ordering process but no payment will be asked for these books.

After purchasing

As digital books are not physical assets, their purchase is firm and final. They cannot be exchanged, reimbursed nor are they subject to any right of cancellation.

However, if despite all care on part of the publisher when preparing the digital books, a manifest defect prevents reading the purchased book, the reader may return the defective file and benefit for free from a new corrected file by contacting customer support.