Turbulence Colloquium Marseille TCM 2011

Fundamental Problems of Turbulence: 50 years after the Turbulence Colloquium Marseille of 1961


EDP Sciences - Collection: Hors Collection - July 2014

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    Turbulence has been studied for several centuries by mathematicians as well as by physicists and engineers. It is still an open problem since no satisfactory theory is yet available, from either mathematical or physical viewpoint.

    The ‘Turbulence Colloquium Marseille 2011 (TCM2011)’ on ‘Fundamental Problems of Turbulence’ celebrated the 50th anniversary of the ‘Turbulence Colloquium Marseille 1961 (TCM 1961)’ that was a milestone for turbulent research. The proceedings contain review and research papers written by leading scientists in the field.

    This book is useful to graduate students and researchers interested in fundamental problems of turbulence, and also to engineers who would like to learn the state of the art in turbulence research.

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