Progress in propulsion physics

Volume 2


EDP Sciences - Collection: Hors Collection - September 2011

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    The book contains 46 revised and thoroughly edited papers addressing various issues of propulsion physics written by world-known experts. The papers include critical analyses of previous studies and controversial aspects of novel propulsion concepts, new theoretical and experimental results and findings as well as numerous references to archival publications worldwide. The book is organized in 8 chapters: (1) Solid Rocket Propulsion, (2) Liquid Rocket Propulsion, (3) Hybrid Rocket Propulsion, (4) Air-Breathing Propulsion, (5) Detonation Engines, (6) Electric Thrusters, (7) Thrust Nozzles, and (8) Propulsion System and Susbsytem Design.

    The book was prepared as a reference for research scientists and practicing engineers in the field of aerospace propulsion.

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