A Primer in Photoemission

Concepts and Applications


From Antonio Tejeda and Daniel Malterre


EDP Sciences - Collection: QuinteSciences - July 2019

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    Photoemission is a spectroscopic technique to study the physicochemical properties of surfaces as well as their electronic properties, since it allows you to determine the band structure of the materials.

    This book introduces the basic concepts of photoemission: core level and valence band photoemission, together with many recent developments on current topics. Two levels of reading are presented: an elementary primer based on a mono-electronic approach to qualitatively understand the interest of this spectroscopy and a deeper level supported on a many-body approach that allows you to get access to the interactions at the origin of the electronic properties of condensed matter.

    This book addresses a broad span of readers, from undergraduate students for the more elementary aspects, to the research scientists specialized in the technique for the concepts and the application examples.

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